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Amazon says facial recognition can identify fear

Amazon says its facial recognition software can detect a person who’s scared.

Rekognition is one of many Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services for developers. It can be used for face analysis or emotional analysis, which identifies various expressions and predicts emotions from images of human faces. The service uses artificial intelligence to learn from the data streams it processes.

According to CNBC, the tech giant revealed updates to this controversial tool on Monday (August 12, 2019) including improved accuracy and functionality of facial analysis features such as gender, emotion and age determination.

“With this release, we have further improved the accuracy of gender determination. In addition, we have improved the accuracy of emotion detection (for all 7 emotions: ‘Fun’, ‘Sad’, ‘Angry’, ‘Surprised’, ‘Disgusting’, ‘Calm’ and ‘Confused’) and add a new emotion: ‘fear’ ‘.

Artificial intelligence researchers have invested a lot of resources to try and read human emotions by analyzing facial features, movements, voices … But some experts have shown that , while there is scientific evidence that shows a correlation between facial expressions and emotions, the way people communicate with key emotions differs between different cultures and situations.

Sometimes, similar types of facial movements may show more than one type of emotion, and so researchers have warned against being able to confidently deduce happiness from a smile, anger from frowns or sadness from frowning, as current technology tries to do.

The availability of facial recognition technology has also raised concerns about its potential use in surveillance and the possibility of privacy invasion.

For its part, Rekognition has become a subject of controversy when used by law enforcement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Services in the United States.

Japanese experts assert that everyone has toenail wrong way, this is the right way!

According to a Japanese expert, most people are having the wrong way to cut their nails and toenails.

According to the share of a Japanese doctor named Masataka Saito said, how to cut nails and nails of many people is wrong. That’s because they cut their nails too short. Masataka Saito is currently a dermatologist at Keio University Hospital in Tokyo, Japan. The right way to cut your toenails and nails is how to avoid foot problems.

Here are 5 tips of Masataka Saito:

1. Cut your nails as soon as possible after showering as your nails are now the softest and easiest to cut.
2. Starting from the beginning, trim the nails little by little so that the nails do not crack horizontally
3. Cut the foundation and form the square.
4. Cut the nail so its length matches the toe.
5. Do not cut the corners on the sides of the nail to round it.
The first two tips might be normal for some people. But from the 3-5 tips, there are many people who are doing it the wrong way.

Starting with the fourth tip, if you trim the nail so that it is shorter than the toe, the skin in front of the foot will be rubbed inside the shoe continuously throughout the day. This will cause your toes to swell and blister. In addition, it also prevents your toenails from straightening and gradually forming a nail deformity, which causes sore feet when the toenails grow and bend.

Points 3 and 5 also have a certain connection. Although you may like aesthetics when your nails and toenails are trimmed and rounded, cutting the corners of your nails can cause it to get stuck in the flesh at the tips of your toes, resulting in inflammation and sore toes.

Of course, the warning of trimming your nails too short does not mean that you let your nails grow freely. If your nails are too long, you may also experience discomfort, such as having your feet sucked in shoes. Ideally, keep your toenails at a moderate length.

Although the illustration does not specifically address the big toe, according to Dr. Masataka Saito, this is the best shape to trim all your nails and toenails.

Hopefully the above sharing of Japanese doctors will help you to take care of nails and toenails more effectively.

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