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Discover ancient pottery containing pure cream and butter in Mongolia

Archaeologists uncovered four ancient pottery dating back 700-800 years ago in Northwestern Mongolia, including three containing milkshakes and one containing pure butter.

On Aug. 16, Xinhua reported that a group of Mongolian and American archaeologists discovered four ancient pottery dating back 700-800 years ago in the Northwestern region of Mongolia, including three jars. contains milk-coated ice cream and a container of pure butter, and these are for new discoveries in archeology.

The head of the research center at the National Museum of Mongolia, Jamsranjav Bayarsaikhan, said the archaeological team discovered the pottery in Ulaan-Uul soum district, Khuvsgul province.

The ancient pottery was “perfectly preserved in the permafrost soil” in the area above.

In addition, the archaeological team also discovered many important objects dating to the Mongol Empire here.

The most “hilarious” bullets in the history of firearms in the world

Guns are an impressive invention of mankind and throughout the history of development, there are many strange gun models with unique ammunition sizes that have been put into use.

Dardick bullets (triangle bullets)

The first is the unique ammunition designed by David Dardick in the mid-50s of the last century. This type of bullets is referred to by the short name as “Dardick bullets” or “triangle bullets”.

This design was created by David Dardick for the Dardick 1500 pistol that was also designed by the same author. The triangle style is unique in that it allows the Dardick 1500 to be reloaded from the side with the extremely unconventional shell.

Basically this type of bullet consists of a bullet usually on the inside and an outer shell made of plastic. This design proved to be quite strange but the actual use was extremely bad, so the “triangle bullet” and the Dardick 1500 went extinct shortly thereafter.

Jet shells

Another type of bullets is equally different but once considered “revolutionary in the ammunition industry” that is … jet. This jet bullet has the exact same mechanism as the bazooka gun and was born at the same time as this revolutionary anti-tank weapon.

The design of jet ammunition allows to minimize the recoil of the gun when firing, the bullet will accelerate gradually out of the barrel thanks to the jet jet system behind. The design of this bullet can basically be considered as a miniature rocket.

However, because there is no tail wing, this “miniature rocket” has very poor flight stability, only effective in the range of 100 meters. Outside the range of 100 meters, the jet had trajectory flying uncontrollably and it was almost impossible to hit the target at a distance of 150 meters.

1718 Puckle bullets (square bullets)

Puckle 1718 or simply … square bullets because it is square. This can be considered as the first and the last time in history, scientists try to create a bullet with a square instead of the usual round.

In fact, this type of ammunition and Puckle’s 1718 have never been used in reality, but the little information left over from the 18th century confirms that this size is much more destructive than conventional bullets. .

Many weapon designers later replicated the trajectory of the Puckle with this square bullet on the computer and the result was that this size was capable of flying no more than 200 meters, very low kinetic energy and not even can shoot and kill a sheep at this distance.

Missile rocket

Finally, the “rocket” is constructed like a bullet, used widely in the past and popular in the Vietnam War as Lazy Dog – Lazy Dog.

The design of this “rocket” is extremely simple with a slender shape like a bullet and four tail wings. Lazy Dog will be released from the plane at high altitude, the gravity of the Earth will cause them to accelerate when they fall and the four wings of the tail help their nose stick to the ground, ensuring the highest efficiency of destroying the target.

This simple and effective weapon can be deployed from any flying vehicle, at an altitude of 6000 meters Lazy Dog when crashing into the ground will be able to penetrate through 60mm homogeneous rolled steel – meaning perforation Armor of almost all tanks used in the Vietnam War.

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