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Discovered ancient treasures worth 6 million USD

With metal detectors, Adam Staples and Lisa Grace found 2,571 coins dating back 1,000 years on the farm northeast of Somerset county.

Though smaller than Staffordshire treasure, the largest collection of coins and artifacts unearthed in the UK, the Staples coins and girlfriends discovered in January were worth at least $ 1.2 million higher. A total of 2,571 silver coins including those made during the reign of Harold II at the end of the Anglo-Saxon period and the reign of King William I were estimated at around 5 million USD. Many of these coins are coinage, worth up to $ 1,200 – $ 6,100 each.

Experts say this is a large amount of money in the Middle Ages and belongs to a rich man of high status. The treasure owner may have buried the money for storage. Since King Harold only reigned for nine months before he was hit by an arrow in the Battle of Hastings, the coins of that period were extremely rare.

Under English law, Staples and Grace must return the treasure of coins to the British Museum in London for valuation. Experts at the museum have spent the past 7 months evaluating, sorting coins and announcing the treasure for the first time last weekend.

If the value of the treasure is confirmed, the museum reserves the right to decide the compensation amount for Staples and Grace. Landowners are also entitled to 50% of the cash value of the coins. If the museum thinks that the coins are not of significant importance, they will return them to the finder and the couple has the right to sell them.

Venus, Earth, and Jupiter join forces to cause the Sun?

Research by German scientists found a correlation between the number of sunspots and the alignment of Venus, Earth and Jupiter.

The phenomenon of the Solar Cycle takes place every 11 years. We are nearing the end of the Solar Cycle 24. The first cycle was recorded by German astronomer Samuel Schwabe in 1843 after 17 years of observing the Sun’s sunspot. However, since then, before the new research, scientists have not explained this 11-year cycle.

In a recent study, using a computer model, astrophysicists from the Helmholtz Association at the German Research Center found that there is a clear correlation between the number of solar sunspots and the straightness. row of three planets Venus, Earth, Jupiter. Accordingly, it seems that the tidal force of these three planets is the mechanism that causes the solar cycles.

The tidal force, generated by the gravitational field acting on an object, is an apparent force that stretches an object in two directions closer and further away from the center of mass of another object. Tidal forces create tides, disrupting celestial bodies or the formation of planetary rings.

Because the masses of the three planets cannot match the mass of the Sun, they cannot affect the gravitational field of the central Solar System. However, the combination of tidal forces when these three planets are aligned, which takes place over a period of 11.07 years, could be strong enough to create turbulence in the sun’s canopy.

The solar canopy, or the aura of the plasma around the central Solar System, can lose its structural integrity as the Sun approaches the most active phase in the 11-year cycle, due to fluctuations in the Sun’s magnetic field. The result is the release of large amounts of plasma and their magnetic energy into space. In 1859, when they arrived on Earth, they created a solar storm and disrupt the telegraph network, igniting electronic devices in the United States.

The activity of the Sun, including the number and size of sunspots and the occurrence of solar storms, varies according to a particular pattern in a solar cycle. Understanding the nature of this phenomenon helps people limit the damage they can cause to the Earth. The research is published in the journal Solar Physics.

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