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NASA developed a robot “invading” Mars

After participating in a search and rescue robot contest organized by DARPA last year, NASA continued to develop the Valkyrie into a robot capable of independently operating,

aiming to support astronauts on missions. space, long journeys in space and the ultimate goal is to send it to Mars to build facilities, bases on it, paving the way for future human landings.

Developed in collaboration with NASA, universities in Massachusetts and Scotland, Valkyrie is a 1.8-meter-tall and 136kg-tall identity robot. It is designed based on the image of a woman, on the body with 4 cameras and more than 200 sensors, combined with a computer system to help it handle many different tasks.

It is capable of using tools like humans, mapping roads and moving safely on rocky terrain thanks to the power of a hydraulic thruster.

At first glance, Valkyrie is shaped like Iron Man in Marvel’s superhero series with glowing circles on his chest. The face part has a transparent infrared shield containing LIDAR sensor, constantly sweeping around to detect objects and obstacles.

This robot has 2 “brains”, each of which contains an Intel Core i7 chip to process the input data collected by the sensor. Valkyrie currently uses power directly connected from an external power source, but it can operate independently based on the included battery for 1 hour.

A variety of cameras and sensors are integrated into parts of the robot, including Multisense SL cameras that combine lasers, 3D stereo and video recording on the head, front and rear obstacle camera clusters, 38 sensors On each hand, the gesture is always flexible and the knuckles are freely extended 44 degrees.

More importantly, NASA said the ultimate goal of the project is to send a Valkyrie team to Mars, to conduct the construction of bases, buildings and facilities, enabling people to set foot there. future.

Taboo when eating vegetables but many people are still unaware

According to the former colonel, general physician Bui Hong Minh (Former Chairman of Ba Dinh Oriental Medicine Association, Hanoi), in Eastern medicine, vegetables have coolness and sweetness, when cooked, they will reduce coldness. Leafy vegetables have diuretic, reducing toxins, activating blood effects effects …

Research by modern medicine shows that the amount of protein in vegetables is comparable to those of the ancient legumes that are famous for being rich in protein, a rare and precious plant protein, and vitamin C in vegetables, even. arguably the highest concentration in oranges or guavas.

Subjects should not eat shrimps arbitrarily
According to physician Bui Hong Minh, vegetables are rich in nutrients, very good for the health of women but pregnant women should be cautious to use, it is best not to eat foods with vegetables because they can miscarry.

In particular, pregnant women with a history of continuous miscarriage, premature birth, in vitro fertilization … should not eat vegetables, especially absolutely do not drink raw vegetable juice. Shrimps contain Papaverin, a substance found in opium.

Research of modern medicine shows that Papaverin has the effect of relaxing the smooth muscles of blood vessels to reduce pain and lower blood pressure. If using a fresh vegetable amount more than 30mg can cause uterine contractions and easily lead to miscarriage. Experts recommend absolutely not to allow pregnant women to drink vegetables smoothies so.

If using a fresh vegetable amount more than 30mg can cause uterine contractions and easily lead to miscarriage.

Elderly people, people often lose sleep, eat poorly

Shrimps have been studied for side effects such as difficulty sleeping, poor appetite, and shortness of breath. According to the study, the boiling process can also reduce the effects of vegetables. People who have trouble sleeping should avoid eating vegetables because they contain substances that cause insomnia. If you want to eat, eat vegetables that are fully cooked, do not eat raw, drink juice.

People with calcium deficiency, rickets
Shrimps interfere with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. The reason is that this vegetable contains glucocorticoids that can interfere with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Therefore, subjects considered bone, calcium deficiency should not eat vegetables nearly. It is best to eat only once a week to replenish nutrients for the body, avoiding unfortunate side effects.

Be careful to avoid eating vegetables spraying stimulant
According to M.Sc. Dzoan Thi Tuong Vy (Deputy Director of Clinical Nutrition Institute), to avoid buying vegetables to spray stimulants, pesticides … you need to buy vegetables in places with reputable address and worthy origin. trust.

Most noticeable is the stage of buying vegetables. Safe shrimps have greenish color, thin but hard leaves, uneven vegetable leaves, may have borer leaves, when the soup is light green and clear, no abnormal colors, when processed, Vegetables have their own unique flavor, not too strong mixed with acrid smell…

Even when you buy vegetables with relatively safe criteria, you are not subjective when processing. After plucking the leaves, remove the withered leaves, rinse with clean water several times and wash under running water. Can soak vegetables in diluted salt water for 15-20 minutes to remove toxic before processing.

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