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NASA revealed that Google is about to build the world’s most powerful computer

Google’s new quantum computer only takes a few minutes to handle the tasks that the world’s leading supercomputers take several millennia to do.

Financial Times and Fortune Magazine on September 20, citing NASA’s report, reported that engineers at Google built the world’s most powerful computer. Earlier, the disclosure was allegedly posted on a NASA website linked to Google. However, the above post has now been removed in silence, without explanation.

According to television channel RT (Russia), Google and NASA both declined to comment on this issue. However, an internal source of technology giant Google told Fortune that NASA “accidentally” posted the announcement before their team could verify the incident.

Google is said to have built a new quantum processor that only takes about 200 seconds to perform calculations that today’s supercomputers need 10,000 years to process. The processor also takes 30 seconds to complete a task that the Google Cloud server needs 50,000 billion hours to complete.

Quantum computers allow evaluations of many possibilities at the same time and perform complex calculations that are not possible on conventional computers. So, if proven right, Google’s new processor will be a real breakthrough. The new achievement will push the company ahead of giants such as Microsoft, IBM and Intel – competitors that are competing in building quantum processors.

VinTech poured billions into 12 scientific projects

VND 86 billion is the total amount for projects with different technological criteria and the ability to conquer the market of products.

On September 23, the Vingroup VinTech Fund applied research fund announced the list of the first 12 scientific projects to receive investment with the amount of nearly 10 billion dong for a project. This is the first sponsorship in just one month after the announcement, VinTech Fund received more than 200 applications and 12 projects were selected of these.

The selected projects are highly applicable, among them:

Developing the tracking system and improving the ear-wearing sleep of Professor Vu Ngoc Tam; Researching and developing technology of manufacturing infrared thermal image sensor applied in national defense and civil security – Dr. Nguyen Tran Thuat; Researching and perfecting technology of separating and refining active ingredients from herbs and low-energy emulsifying nanotechnology to produce cosmetics and preparations used in high-tech agriculture – Dr. Luu Xuan Cuong; Research and manufacture of high-performance activated carbon from Guot tree applied in cosmetic and pharmaceutical field – Ms. Mai Thi Nga carried …

To be funded, projects must have technological content and competitive advantage; ability to commercialize and to consider the implementation capacity of the research team, especially the chair.

Truong Ly Hoang Phi, General Director of VinTech City, said that the applied research orientation of VinTech Fund aims to find research groups that meet both scientific research capacity and market factors. Projects selected by the expert panel of VinTech City and VinTech Fund are scientists, researchers, businessmen, investors in technology field based on the above criteria. When selected, in addition to funding, they can also take advantage of Vingroup’s ecosystem to test product applications before commercialization.

All projects that receive grants are not tied to investors’ interests, but the research teams only need to commit to the end and produce the best results for their projects. “In unexpected cases, VinTech Fund will also propose resources to support experts, which are international experts currently working and cooperating with Vingroup,” Ms. Phi said.

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