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The atmosphere fuses iron on the planet twice as large as Jupiter

WASP-121b, a planet 900 light-years from Earth, has an atmospheric temperature of 2,500 ° C, so hot that it can melt iron.

An international team of researchers discovered glowing water molecules in the stratosphere of the planet outside the solar system called WASP-121b, New Scientist reported Monday.

The “hell” planet WASP-121b, discovered four years ago in the constellation Korma, turned out to be not similar to a round ball, but to an elongated egg or a giant rugby ball. giant.

“We started to pay close attention to this planet because of its” extreme “nature. We tried to see traces of magnesium, iron and other metals in the outer shell and were surprised to find them. at a great distance from this planet, “said expert David Singh from John Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA).

WASP-121b is a giant gas planet nearly twice the size of Jupiter and orbiting its parent star. The exoplanet is so close to its parent star that one year there is only 1.3 days long on Earth. Due to its proximity, the upper part of the planet’s atmosphere has temperatures of up to 2,500 ° C, about half the surface temperature of the Sun. At that temperature, iron exists as a gas instead of a solid form as usual.

WASP-121 aggressively punctured the atmosphere of its satellites, causing it to “inflate” by the effects of heat and light, and also being affected by its attraction. As a result, WASP-121b became the planet not only the hottest and the most extreme, but also the outward appearance.

“When we pointed the Hubble Space Telescope towards WASP, we saw glowing water molecules, proving that the planet had a thick stratosphere,” said researcher Tom Evans at the University of Exeter, UK. said. Hubble sees this halo in the form of infrared light that cannot be seen by the human eye.

“Theoretical models that show the stratosphere can help identify a special super-hot exoplanet layer that is important for physics and chemical research in the atmosphere,” Evans said.

By examining the wavelength of light entering space from the planet’s gas, the researchers were able to calculate the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere and its heat. The cooler steam at the top of the atmosphere can block some of the infrared wavelengths from traveling, according to the US Space Agency (NASA). But the warmer steam will emit the same wavelength. From the amount of light that escaped into space, the team found that the temperature increased with altitude.

“This super hot exoplanet will become a milestone for our atmospheric model. It will be a major observing target in the time of the James Webb space telescope,” scientist Hannah Wakeford in China. Goddard space center of NASA, co-author of the study, shared.

Why do 7-year-old babies have 526 teeth?

Ravindran boy in Chennai, India, was removed 526 teeth by surgeons after suffering severe swelling of his jaw and pain, and was rushed to an emergency room.

According to the Mirror, when doctors took CT and X-rays, they found that the swelling in the jawbone was a large bag containing hundreds of teeth. The “bag” is about 5cm long and needs surgery to remove it urgently. After 5 hours of meticulous work, doctors took turns removing excess teeth weighing about 200gr.

A total of 526 teeth in the “bag” with sizes ranging from 0.1mm – 15mm and have complete structure of legs, caps, enamels. This is also the first time that doctors have encountered concentrated teeth growing at one point in the jaw like that.

Dr. Pratibha Ramani, head of the Odontology Department at Saveetha Hospital, said that the cause of baby’s multiple teeth had not been determined but it could be genetic. “The environment is also having an impact. We are investigating whether radiation from cell phones is a factor in this situation,” said Dr. Pratibha Ramani.

After removing the giant tooth pocket, Ravindran’s other teeth were still developing normally. But because his jaw bone was severely affected, some permanent teeth could not grow, he would need molar implant when he was 16 years old.

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